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1993 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Card Packs (3 Pack Bundle)

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"The second release in the line's run, every Marvel Masterpieces card features a detailed painting with a distinct style.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Set Details

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces has a 90-card base set. Covering both the major and not-so-major characters of the Marvel landscape, card fronts come with painted images.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 1

The artist list is big. Names include George Perez, Julie Bell, Joe Chiodo and Joe Jusko. The full-bleed shots are accented by a striped foil name bar at the bottom. The Marvel Masterpieces name is also in foil along the top of the card.

Backs have a write-up on the featured character including their real name and group affiliation. The side of the card includes an image of the first panel they appeared in.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards 2

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces has just one insert set, X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch. Averaging 1:9 packs, the set has eight cards. As the name suggests, it highlights characters from the X-Men 2099 comic that debuted in 1993.

Boxes are numbered to 350,000. At the time, such large print runs were common. The fact that each box is numbered is a nod to its premium aspirations. Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of 1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces sets and boxes. It also means very reasonable prices for those looking to pick up one of the most attractive comic sets ever produced.

1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces boxes have 36 packs, each with six cards." (Cardboard Connection, 2022)

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