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The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Trainer's Tool Kit - 2021 Edition

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Turn your card collection into playable, fun, and winning Pokémon Trading Card Game decks! Inside this box, you'll find a plethora of Trainer cards and Energy cards, plus a Deck Builder's Guide to putting them all together to create a deck that showcases your best Pokémon! You'll find everything you need to help you make the choices every deck builder faces: More big Pokémon? More strategic Trainer cards? How much Energy is too much? Steer a course for completely new decks, original combos, and all the fun of head-to-head competition with the Pokémon TCG: Trainer's Toolkit!

The Pokémon TCG: Trainer’s Toolkit includes:

  • More than 50 useful cards to power up your decks, including dozens of Trainer cards and 2 copies of Crobat V
  • More than 100 Energy cards, including Special Energy
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs, each containing 10 cards and 1 basic Energy
  • 65 card sleeves to protect your deck
  • A Deck Builder's Guide
  • A complete Pokémon TCG rulebook
  • A set of 7 tournament-legal dice
  • 2 condition markers
  • A code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

Card List

  • 2× Crobat V
  • 2× Air Balloon
  • 2× Cheryl
  • 2× Boss's Orders (Lysandre)
  • 2× Escape Rope
  • 2× Evolution Incense
  • 2× Big Charm
  • 2× Cape of Toughness
  • 2× Bird Keeper
  • 2× Leon
  • 2× Marnie
  • 2× Metal Saucer
  • 2× Ordinary Rod
  • 2× Crushing Hammer
  • 2× Telescopic Sight
  • 2× Professor's Research (Professor Juniper)
  • 2× Quick Ball
  • 2× Rare Candy
  • 2× Level Ball
  • 2× Bruno
  • 2× Switch
  • 2× Scoop Up Net
  • 2× Coating Metal Energy
  • 2× Single Strike Energy
  • 2× Rapid Strike Energy
  • 2× Turbo Patch
  • 2× Korrina's Focus
  • 2× Capture Energy
  • 1× Sabrina & Brycen
  • 1× Mismagius
Release Date 8/6/2021
Retail Price $29.99
Manufacturer The Pokémon Company Int'l
Category Collectible Card Games
UPC 820650808753
Weight (lb) 1.522

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