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Temporal Odyssey: Drafting Battle Card Game: Time Travelling Fantasy

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Temporal Odyssey is a drafting battle card game about dueling time travelers for 2 and 4 players. Draft from the past, present, or future, and enlist legendary heroes and creatures to fight by your side. Group your characters to get them to share their abilities, using this both offensively and defensively. Regroup often to adapt to the situation. Rewind time to prevent your own death but be careful — each time you must suffer judgement from Lovox the god of time. Destroy your opponent's stability and deliver the final blow to banish them from the timeline and win the game!

Draft cards from the Past, Present, and future decks and enlist epic characters to banish the other Traveler from the timeline! Each time period has its own theme and mechanics, and each class has specific uses and value depending on the situation and your Traveler's needs. Each card you draft provides elemental power. Collecting certain elements will level up your Traveler's spells, enabling power plays that can shift the pace of a fight dramatically. Each Traveler uses each element differently, and can greatly affect how you prioritize your drafting and banning.

Banishing enemy characters, securing artifacts, and defeating rival Travelers will destabilize your opponent's timeline, but also grant them more power. Once their stability is lost, defeat their Traveler one final time to win!

The game ends when you defeat the enemy Traveler after they have 3+ instability cards.

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